Peergreen secures your JOnAS applications

Peergreen was created by the former core team of OW2 JOnAS project. 

Peergreen provides a subscription  to secure your existing JOnAS applications portfolio including :

  • a L1/L2/L3 support of the full life cycle of the applications (development, test, production).
  • a long term support (up to 9 years) of production instances.
  • a free access to the Peergreen events (webinars, release information, ...).
  • an access to the certified releases of Peergreen Platform product (JOnAS enabler feature pack).
  • an access to the Peergreen services portfolio (training, expertise).

Please, fill the form on the Contact page to get in touch with our customer service.

Peergreen gives a future to your JOnAS applications

Peergreen Server is an evolution of OW2 JOnAS tailored for the Cloud: it's a new generation of application server natively designed for  PaaS requirements.
Peergreen aims at ensuring a smooth transition towards Peergreen PaaS by providing a JOnAS enabler feature pack: your applications are running without any modifications in Peergreen servers, your production scripts are still unchanged.

Do you know ...

  First release of Peergreen Web Console is available!   Download it now

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